Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Update On My 20% Project- 4th Blog Post

I have learned a lot about Speech Pathology while working on this project.  I have also learned that speech therapists are now incorporating more technology into therapy settings, and encouraged to use electronic tools such as iPads and computers.  As I have learned about the use of technology within speech therapy, I have been documenting my findings on this blog.  Although I have learned a lot more than I did when I began this project, I am still interested to learn more.  I would like to learn more about and how to use the apps that Speech Pathologists use in therapy.  To learn more about this topic, I would like to download some of the apps onto my iPad so that I can play with and learn about the apps that are most popular within speech therapy.  My project relates to what we are talking about in class because it focuses on the use of technology within speech therapy to motivate, teach, and promote creativity within the speech patients.  Through the use of technology, the patients are motivated to come to therapy because it is fun and exciting. They are also learning and practicing their speech through the use of the apps.  Creativity is also encouraged through apps that allow the patients to practice their speech through storytelling.  This project has taught me that technology is not only useful in schools and classrooms, but is also very important in Speech Pathology.

My 20% project will benefit all who are interested, working in, or are affected by speech therapy.  Students aspiring to become Speech Pathologists may find this project interesting for future reference when they are thinking about incorporating apps and technology into their therapy sessions.  My project will also be very helpful to parents and all who are affected by speech impediments who want to learn more about the therapy apps, why they are used, and how to use them.  I would like to share what I have learned with anyone who is interested and willing to listen.  No matter if my audience is young or old, I want to create a product that every age can easily understand and benefit from.  

I plan on using my blog posts, as well as a presentation on how to operate some of the apps, to communicate my findings with my audience.  I will present my findings through  I will also use Jing to create a screen capture of an editorial of how to use some of the speech therapy apps.  My product will be a website that anyone can use to learn more about the use of apps in speech therapy and how to use some of the apps.  The information on my website will be from my findings and will explain why Speech Pathologists are incorporating technology into speech therapy. I will deliver this information through articles and examples. I hope to create a product that is interesting and helpful to all who are interested.                  

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