Sunday, September 29, 2013

Update On My 20% Project

After researching the use of apps in Speech therapy, I now understand the extent to which many different apps can be used as therapy tools.  Even though using apps as speech therapy tools is a fairly new idea, there are already hundreds of different kinds of apps that are directed towards specific speech impediments.  The Speech Pathologist can use these apps to work with the patient, and to have the patient practice on their own.  I think that these apps can be very useful to Speech pathologists and their patients because they are new and exciting, and are effective and fun.  

There are many different apps for different speech disorders.  Some of the apps focus on:

1) vocal apps
2) articulation apps
3) apraxia of speech apps
4) fluency/voice/hearing apps
5) expressive language apps
6) syntax apps
Here is a link to examples of these apps
These are just a few examples of the many different apps that are available for Speech Pathologists to use in speech therapy.  For some children, going to Speech therapy is not always an easy thing.  Children may be embarrassed or scared to go, and through the use of these apps, the Speech Pathologist can make it a fun and enjoyable place to be.  By using therapy games, the Speech Pathologist is able to work on the patients speech impediment while allowing the patient to play and have fun. These speech apps should be used as aids in speech therapy, not as a sole-treatment method.  Although many of the apps can be used outside of therapy sessions for practice, some applications should be used solely under the observation of the speech-language pathologist. 

After learning about the different kinds of apps and how they are used in speech therapy, I have decided to create a screen capture video on how to use some of the speech applications for practice outside of therapy.  I will explain more about the apps and preform a demonstration of how the applications can be used.  My goal is to create a product that shows how technology is used in speech therapy, and how speech therapy can be fun and exciting, inside and outside of the therapy room.

For my final presentation, I plan to show my screen capture product on how to use some of the speech therapy apps.  I hope to create a product that is not only easy to learn from, but that is informative and interesting.  My product will show how speech therapy is advancing further into the world of technology, and how technology is an important aid to speech therapy.                   

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