Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reflection on 20% Project

When I learned that we would be doing the 20% Project, I had no idea what I would do and was not very interested.  After I decided to research the use of technology in Speech Pathology, specifically in speech therapy, I became more interested and enjoyed looking for information. When I began this project, I knew that Speech Pathologists are using technology such as iPads and tablets during therapy, but I did not really know the extent to which they are using them. By researching blogs and websites, I was able to get a better understanding of the apps and tools that Speech therapists use.  I also learned that there are hundreds of Speech Therapy apps that can be used in therapy, and that they have apps that focus on fixing the different disabilities that patients may have. As I collected information, I wanted to be able to present my findings in a way that they might be able to help people.  I decided to create a website that had the information that I found, as well as links to speech games for practice, suggestions for therapy apps, and tutorials on how to use some of the apps. Below is a link to my website: I did not have many difficulties with my 20% Project and really enjoyed researching how apps are used in Speech Therapy to help and motivate patients.  I think that people enjoyed learning about my product at the showcase and were interested to learn more about my website.  After I showed my product, I used my iPad, that I had previously downloaded a therapy app on, to demonstrate how Speech Pathologists use the apps in therapy, and I think people enjoyed seeing how the apps work.  I hope that my website will be able to help people and hope it will be a good source of information.  

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