Monday, September 9, 2013

Extended Comment About Blog Post

This is a blog site that I found that relates to how technology is used in Speech/Language Pathology.

    In this blog, Tanner explains that speech pathologists are beginning to incorporate more technology within speech therapy.  Speech pathologists are exposing students to new and different technologies while working towards language and speech goals, which will help children adapt to a future involving continued use of technology.  The use of technology will keep the students attentive and motivated which will help in the efficiency of treatment of the students speech/language disorders.  It is important for the speech pathologists to keep an eye on the ever growing technology, because the technology devoted to speech/language pathology is just beginning.  Tanner explains that the way in which speech pathologists use technology is even changing.  There are continuously more and more blogs reviewing different treatment apps and therapy ideas which SLPs share with each other.  This blog showed me that technology is an important tool in speech therapy, but also as a way for SLPs to communicate and share with each other.

Below is another blog site I found on how technology is transforming speech/language pathology.

    This blog explains how technology such as tablets and apps are being used as therapy tools in speech therapy.  Tablets are fun and motivate patients to keep on practicing, even when exercises become repetitious.  Clients want to use the tablet, and a motivated client is an improving client.  Because tablets are so versatile, they allow the speech pathologist to use them with people who have a wide range of diagnoses and needs.  Tablets are also portable and light, which means the speech therapist can take his or her tablet from client to client.  There are many different apps that are available for therapists, and this blog lists and explains some if its favorites.  Some of these apps include: Comprehension TherAppy, iName it, Language Forest, Naming TherAppy, SLP Goal Bank, and many more.  The tablet allows the speech therapist to use the different apps to captivate and work with the client no matter their age or diagnoses.        

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